Square 2 Square Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions


Born on a napkin in the Bentonville Sushi House in 2013; it was an alternative to an official marathon when a group of runners could not get their schedules to jive.  The first Square 2 Square (S2S) was run in May of 2013.


Why not make it official?

This is a runners run, we do it because we can.  It will always be free, unofficial and unsupported.  Runners take full responsibility for their health and welfare before, during and after the run.


Is this run associated with the Bentonville/Fayetteville Square 2 Square bike ride?

NO!!! and may I take this opportunity to point out that we were using the name 2-years before they started their event (not that we are bitter).


Is there a registration?

Click on the registration button on the home page for more registration information.


Is there a course map?

The unofficial course is attached in 3 different formats.

Course fun facts:

  • 918 ft. of elevation gain over the entire course.

  • Low point - Trail head on Ball St. in Johnson.

  • High point - Fayetteville square.

  • From Ball St. in Johnson to the Fayetteville square is a consistent uphill.  That's why you love us!

  • Rumor has it you can get ahead of the competition by cutting through the church parking lot and field at mile 9, but you have to do this early on before the church parking lot guards realize it is S2S Sunday.

  • There is a runner friendly Kum & Go at mile 11.5.

  • There could be a creek crossing around mile 21.  You can also go around the house to avoid the creek.

Is there a swag bag?

Yes, if you get a bag and put swag in it.  Let’s face it; do you really need more swag in your junk drawer?


Is there a start line?

Yes, somewhere on the Bentonville square.


What is the overall distance?

That depends on what unofficial course you take, how many wrong turns you make, and whether you follow a friend to a local brewery along the way.   It has been unofficially calculated between 26.4 and 26.8 miles.  The course laid out on the map is the shortest/safest distance we could come up with.


Is the S2S a timed event?

Yes, if you turn your watch on before you start to run.  When you reach the Fayetteville square, you will be asked for your unofficial time (you are on the honor system).  In fairness to all involved, we ask that you turn your watch on when you start the run in Bentonville and do not stop it until you reach the Fayetteville square.  You will get an unofficial, overall place in the S2S based on the time you report in Fayetteville.  After 11:30 a.m. the unofficial clipboard may have moved on to a restaurant.  You can e-mail your time to s2smarathon@gmail.com


Is this a Boston Qualifier?

I’m sorry; I just had to put this in here…moving on.


Will there be port-a-potties on the route?

Convenience stores are located along the route.  Trees, bushes and fences are available throughout the route.


Will there be aid stations?

Convenience stores along the route, but because we have great running support in NWA, this has become known as the best supported, unsupported race out there.  Be prepared to provide all support for your run.


Is the course marked?



Will there be traffic control?

No, you are asked to abide by all pedestrian traffic laws.


Will there be a finish line?

Yes, somewhere on the Fayetteville square.


Will there be finish line entertainment?

Only if you strip naked and run around the square.


Will there be finish line food?

There typically is.  We'll just have to wait and see.


Do I get a finishers medal?

Usually not, but you never can tell.


Do I get a finishers shirt?

Yes.  For a small fee, runners who make it from Bentonville to Fayetteville (running or walking only) will be able to get a highly sought after, commemorative t-shirt.  Finishers names are placed on the back of the shirt, in unofficial order of finish.  Following the run, an email will be sent to finishers with t-shirt details.


Is there a time limit for S2S?

No, but if you plan on being out there for more than 8 hours, I would suggest a headlamp. 


How do I get back to Bentonville?

Well, you could run back, but we suggest planting a car in Fayetteville the night before, or have someone pick you up.


Will the results be posted?

We will make the unofficial results available at s2smarathon.com.